As a traditional spice herb, herbal medicine from generation to generation has been believed by the Indonesian people as a potion for health. The term “jamu” comes from the ancient Javanese language, namely “jampi” which means mantra/prayer, and “oesodo” which means health.

The term Acaraki comes from the Madhawapura inscription, an inscription containing records of professions. Written in it about the title Abhasana for clothes makers, Angawari as a pot maker, and Acaraki as a herbal concoction.

To preserve Indonesian culture, Acaraki is here to reintroduce the value of herbal medicine in people’s lives. By adapting coffee, tea, and matcha, Acaraki strives to present herbal medicine from a different point of view.


Founder Acaraki

Jony Yuwono is the founder of Acaraki Jamu. Before his involvement in Acaraki, Jony has worked in various industries ranging from the consumer goods, consulting, construction, export-import, and luxury goods industries. His experience makes him adaptive with multiple perspectives in problem-solving.

With his Business Sustainability Specialization from his MBA degree at the Schulich School of Business, Jony has successfully coordinated partnerships between his company and various non-profit organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), etc.

As an avid backpacker, training marathon runner, and Advanced Open Water Diver, Jony’s love for nature has led him to explore various natural sites around the world. With his newfound enthusiasm for coffee, he is currently exploring the possibilities for herbal medicine to replicate the successful adoption of coffee culture in today’s society.


Making Jamu an International Drink


Introducing Jamu as a delicious and delicious drink. can be used as a lifestyle for the wider community