3 Reasons Why You Should Drink Jamu Regardless of the Pandemic Situation

Crowded with news of the coronavirus, it is also busy related to herbal medicine. Jamu, one of the country’s traditional medicines, was reportedly able to prevent and ward off the Covid-19 virus, the world endemic, including in Indonesia.

Even though there is fact confusion about Jamu can prevent the corona is right or wrong, as herbal medicine, a traditional medicine contains natural ingredients such as parts of plants (rhizomes or roots, leaves, bark, fruit, etc.) and spices (turmeric, ginger, galangal, etc.), have health properties for those who consume them.

Herbal medicine can be claimed as a mainstay for most Indonesians to ward off all kinds of diseases. Jamu is also often found in urban or regional corners in Indonesia. They are available in jamu carrier, drug stores, herbal shops, and online shops. According to Alia Husein, owner of Jamu Marimar (@jamumarimar), one of the latest online herbal medicine shops in Jakarta, there are three reasons why we should drink herbal medicine:

  • Maintain body immunity

People believe that herbal medicine has properties that can improve body health and protect against disease. Therefore, it can maintain body immunity, even as an alternative treatment. Different types of herbal concoctions can relieve body aches, as medicine for hypertension and uric acid, and also to increase appetite.

  • Health and beauty

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Who doesn’t want to be beautiful?

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